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Two-car crash leaves five people hurting in Rhode Island

Motor vehicle accidents always have the potential to have serious consequences. Although no one ever intends to get in an accident, they still happen every day in the Providence area. If someone causes an accident due to negligent or reckless behavior then that person could be held liable for the injuries sustained by the victims.

Five people are recovering from serious injuries after being involved a violent head-on collision in West Warwick, recently. According to authorities, the victims were taken to the hospital with serious, but not critical injuries. Officials are still gathering information as they investigate the crash and try to determine what happened and who was to blame.

Alcohol suspected in crash that killed four people

When a person decides to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after he or she has been drinking that person is putting the lives of everyone else on the road in danger. Unfortunately, many times people who are driving drunk end up getting into car accidents, which often involve injuries and sometimes death. Anyone who has been hurt by a drunk driver in the Providence area may be entitled to compensation.

Four people were killed and another person was hurt after a serious accident involving a man who was allegedly driving under the influence. The crash involved a Honda Civic and Dodge van. According to reports, there were five people in the Honda, four of whom died at the scene. The fifth person was taken to the hospital.

Young jogger killed after being struck by a car

Car accidents are never good an often times they can end up causing serious consequences for those involved. When a pedestrian is involved things tend to get even worse. People who walk, jog or even ride their bikes may not get the same respect on the roads as those who drive motor vehicles. However, when someone in the Providence area is hurt or killed by a negligent driver, then he or she, or his or her family might be entitled to compensation.

The family of a 20-year-old woman is mourning her loss after she was recently killed while jogging. According to reports, the woman was out for a morning run, when a Ford SUV apparently struck her. The woman who was killed was a college student studying physical therapy. She reportedly lived near the scene of the accident with her parent’s and younger sister.

Woman sues The Home Depot for slip and fall accident

Accidents happen every day in the Providence area, as well as anywhere else. Sometimes accidents are just an unfortunate part of life. However, some accidents are preventable and could otherwise be avoided if someone would have taken more care and precaution to ensure more safety. If someone acts negligently and an accident occurs on his or her property, then he or she may be held liable for the damages.

The Home Depot is facing a lawsuit from a woman who reportedly slipped and fell while shopping at the store. According to the lawsuit, the woman slipped on some wet carpet as she was passing into the main store from the garden center. According to the woman, she fell to the ground and suffered several injuries including a broken foot.

Seven people end up in the hospital after serious car accident

What would you do if you were seriously injured in a car crash caused by someone who was acting recklessly or negligently? Car accidents happen every day in the Providence area, and elsewhere, and many times they are simply the result of unfortunate circumstances. However, there are people who act irresponsibly on the road and cause serious injuries to others because of their actions.

Seven people were hurt and treated at the hospital after a two-car crash in providence recently. Although no charges have been filed at this point, investigators are still working on determining the cause of the crash and charges could still be filed. Meantime, according to reports, four men and three women were hurt in the crash. However, none of the injuries were reported to be life threatening.

Broken mirror in yoga class leads to severe injuries, lawsuit

There are a lot of different situations in life that almost no on would consider dangerous. However, many times accidents happen when people least expect them. Sometimes, accidents occur because of unfortunate circumstances. However, other times, accidents happen because someone else is negligent or careless. If someone in the Providence area is hurt due to negligence then he or she might be eligible for compensation.

A woman from Portland, Oregon has a filed a lawsuit against a yoga company and its insurance companies after she was injured when a mirror fell on her during a yoga class. According to the lawsuit, the woman was seriously injured when the mirror, which was mounted on the wall, fell and shattered all over her body. The 28-year-old woman suffered serious injuries to her legs.

Woman sues retailer after slipping and falling in puddle of water

Most people never have to worry about being hurt while in a public place, but accidents and injuries do occur every day. When someone in the Providence area is hurt in a public place due to someone’s negligence, then he or she may be entitled to compensation for his or her injuries.

A New Orleans woman is suing a retail chain for injuries she suffered after slipping in one of their stores. According to court documents, the woman claims that while she was shopping at a local Dollar Tree store, she was hurt when she stepped in a puddle of water. The woman’s suit claims that she suffered injuries to her knee and ankle when she slipped in water that had leaked from a store refrigerator.

Six-car crash leaves one dead, three others injured

Motor vehicle accidents are never a good thing. Besides the obvious property damage, many times people are badly injured or even killed in car accidents. If you have been involved in a car accident in Providence that has left you injured, then you might be eligible to receive compensation.

Investigators are still trying to piece together what caused a horrible car accident in Plainville, Massachusetts recently. According to reports, authorities are still working on reconstructing the accident that killed one man and left three other people hurt. Investigators are not sure how the accident happened; however, they say that they did receive a call that someone was driving in the wrong direction at the time of accident.

Three-car crash sends two to the hospital with serious injuries

Have you ever been involved in a serious car accident and suffered a serious injury? If so, then you know how difficult that experience can be. No car accident is good, but when someone in Providence has acted irresponsibly then he or she should pay the consequences. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident then you might be eligible for compensation.

A serious car crash in Tiverton left two men seriously injured recently. According to reports, the accident involved three vehicles, including a Chevrolet, a Honda and a pickup truck. The accident happened when the driver of the pickup and the driver of the Honda crashed into one another as the Honda tried to enter the road on which the pickup was already traveling.

Seventeen workers charged with nursing home neglect

Putting a loved in a nursing home can be a very difficult decision. Although nursing homes are designed to give the elderly and/or disabled a comfortable and safe environment to live in, many times, they fail. However, despite the difficult living situations that can be found in some nursing homes, no one in Providence should ever have to worry about a loved being neglected or abused.

Seventeen employees at a nursing home in Buffalo, New York have been fired after they were caught on hidden camera allegedly neglecting their duties at the facility. According to reports, the 17 people, eight nurses and nine nursing assistants, have been charged with felony and misdemeanor counts for a pattern of nursing home negligence in regards to a 56-year-old man who was a patient.