Insurance Claim Denied. Legal help is available.Every single day we as Americans see hundreds of insurance company commercials showing how these large businesses are here to help you following an accident or a tragedy.  Don't fall for their warm and fuzzy claims—THEY ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE! Insurance companies care about only one thing and it's not you. What they care about is profit, and they will do everything they can to deny claims....if you let them. 

Here Are 7 Key Phrases Insurance Companies Will Use To Deny Your Claim

When an insurance company plans on denying coverage for your claim they are obligated to give you exact reasons why you're out of luck. Your best bet to combat them is to contact an experienced insurance attorney as soon as  possible if you've been denied your claim for any of the following reasons: 

"We're Sorry, But Your Insurance Claim Has Been Denied Because..."

The Damage To Your Property Is Only Cosmetic 

Damage to a property's appearance doesn't always mean the damage is minor, especially if you own a business. Cosmetic damage can be a sign of severe problems beneath the site, such as missing roof shingles that allow water to enter the propery.

The Amount Of Damage Is Under Your Deductible

Insurers tend to provide a lowball offer to repair the damage, basically telling you it would be cheaper for you to pay out of pocket based on your deductible.

It's Not Damage, It's Only Regular Wear And Tear

Insurance companies may claim "wear and tear" to deny payments for older properties, even if it's obvious that age has nothing to do with the damage.

You Didn't Take Care Of Regular Maintenance Of Your Property Resulting In Damage

Often insurance companies cite maintenance defects as a cause of damage. If you have accurate and thorough maintenance records you can certainly use these records to dispute an insurance denial.

Improper Installation Caused The Damage 

An insurer may attempt to blame the damage on manufacturing or installation defects if you've made any changes to the property.

The Damage Wasn't Caused By A Covered Peril 

Policyholders are given the benefit of ambiguous language in a policy. If the policy is unclear about which perils are covered, the insurer may be compelled to cover damages.

Unfortunately Damage Happened  Outside Of The Policy Period 

Insurers may attempt to blame a denial on pre-existing damage. However, most insurance companies will inspect the property prior to selling the insurance policy—and if the inspection shows that the property was in acceptable condition, the insurer may be forced to issue payment.

Insurance companies have a legal duty to act in good faith when handling customer claims, including performing a careful investigation of each claim and issuing timely payments. If you are having trouble getting the insurance coverage you paid for, we can help. Contact us online or call our Warwick office directly at 888.591.9976 to schedule your free consultation.

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