Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Rhode Island | Kirshenbaum & KirshenbaumFor most people injured in the workplace, a workers' comp claim is uncharted territory and the process can be immensely confusing. Combined with the fact that many insurance organizations have no incentive to pay for work-related accidents, claimants can feel lost or marginalized. Claimants may want to see their own doctors, and employers may tell them they need to follow a different protocol. When these types of events happen it is of immense benefit to partner with an experienced Rhode Island workers' compensation attorney who can guide claimants optimally through the process to ensure a best-possible outcome.

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Workers' Compensation Attorneys Providing Experienced Representation for Injured Workers in Providence and Beyond

As one of the most experienced firms in Rhode Island, The Workers' Compensation Attorneys at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum are able to provide seasoned counsel grounded in comprehensive knowledge of workers' compensation law to work toward ideal resolutions for our clients.

When we work with clients, we use our extensive knowledge of workplace injury law and undertake the necessary discovery to try to ensure that clients are afforded the necessary medical treatment from day one. From there, we do everything we can to maximize the benefits they are entitled to by law.

When many people are injured they're unsure of how long they are going to be unable to work. It may be a month, and it may be six or more months. If claimants aren't working with a doctor who is objectively looking at the situation, they may be told they will be able to work prior to when they're ready, and they lose benefits.

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When we partner with our clients, we take the optimal action to ensure care initially and for the entire duration of the injury. There's never an upfront fee, and we only collect if we're able to obtain the benefits our clients need. We're ready to put our experience to work for you.

Guiding You Through All Parts of the Work Comp Process

We help individuals every step of the way in the workers' compensation process throughout the Providence area. Whether you have questions regarding eligibility or the types of benefits you are entitled to receive, we can help.

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