Dog Bite Attorneys in Warwick Rhode IslandWhile animal bites and dog attacks may not immediately spring to people's minds when it comes to personal injury cases, these types of injuries can be quite serious and often require extensive care and time for recovery. In Rhode Island, to make matters even more complicated, there are unique state laws that figure into the equation.

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Rhode Island has a "one bite free" policy in which dog owners cannot be held accountable if they had no prior knowledge of the animal's affinity for biting and the injury occurs on their property. If, however, the dog happens to bite a second time, damages in a civil suit brought against the owner can be double.

This one-bite policy does not apply if the injury happens off of the owner's property. Therefore, many cases result in a first bite still giving rise to a claim for relief from the victim.

Further still, pet owners can be held accountable if an individual is damaged not as a result of a bite or an attack, but is injured simply by virtue of being in the vicinity of an out-of-control animal that interacts with his or her pet causing an injury.

When entering into the complex arena of Rhode Island animal bite and confrontation law, it's critical to partner with an experienced Rhode Island dog bite injury attorney who can scrutinize the details of the case and move toward a best-possible resolution.

Dog Bite Injuries and Children

Unfortunately, many dog attacks occur to children. Kids are usually more excited to see a puppy or dog and will run up to them unknowingly. If the dog is aggressive or scared it could lash out and cause serious injuries and scars. While a dog owner or insurance company may attempt to put the fault on your child, do not listen to them. Consult with an experienced injury lawyer before moving forward.


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Our client was in her own yard, holding her dog. A dog from the neighborhood became loose and entered our client's property. The two dogs lunged at each other, but no contact was made. Neither dog touched, nor did they touch our client. However, the turmoil knocked our client to the ground, causing serious injury. The insurance carrier representing the neighboring dog's owner fought our client's claim. It insisted that there was no contact, and that the neighboring dog did not cause the injury. We filed suit and obtained a policy limits settlement of $300,000 for our client. Our client was not even required to make an appearance in court.

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