A Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Accident Law Firm With a History of Success

As one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in Rhode Island, we at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum are ready to do whatever is necessary to maximize our clients' compensation when they've been involved in auto accidents. Our approach as lawyers, one that has obtained over a million dollars annually, involves meticulous discovery and a willingness to go to trial.

If an insurance company is unwilling to settle for a dollar amount that is commensurate with damages, we won't back down. With our extensive experience and the premium we put on discovery, we know exactly what cases are worth and pursue action that allows us to arrive at ideal outcomes.

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One example of our results:

We helped a client conclude a seven-year battle arising out of serious injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident. He was stopped at the bottom of an on-ramp that was under construction. He was rear-ended by the car behind him. We did not stop for our client after receiving the insurance policy limits from the car that struck our client. We expanded our investigation and pursued the companies that were responsible for the construction design changes to the on-ramp and signs. We obtained a verdict from a jury for our client. While we could have stopped there, we always go the distance in obtaining compensation for clients. We realized that the jury did not compensate our client enough and he should be compensated further. After the trial, we filed legal motions and convinced the judge our client's injuries were worth a total award of $3,160,983.

Christopher L. Russo
Helping Rhode Island personal injury victims for nearly three decades to get the compensation they deserve.