If you have children and are getting a divorce, you’ll need to determine child custody after you separate from your spouse. Because Rhode Island courts require that all decisions be made in the best interests of the child, you’ll want to plan for their future as well as help ensure their well-being and happiness. When you go to court or to mediation to discuss the custody of your children, there may be certain documents you need to bring to show that you and your spouse have given careful consideration to the future upbringing of your kids.

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Documents for Your Child Custody Hearing

It may be necessary for you to submit multiple completed forms prior to your child custody hearing. It’s important to bring copies of these forms with you in case you need them for reference. These documents can include:

A parenting plan.

A parenting plan is a legal document that all divorcing couples must create that details how they will manage and divide custody of their child until that child is 18. This document provides a blueprint for how the parents will make decisions and solve problems regarding their child after the divorce.

Visitation schedule.

In RI, a visitation schedule is used to ensure that both parents are able to see the child at predictable days and times after the divorce. It’s important to establish a balanced and fair visitation schedule that is written in the best interests of your child. Weekly, holiday, and vacation visits are key components of this schedule.

Financial agreement for child support.

In RI, both parents are required to support their child after the divorce. However, the noncustodial parents typically make child support payments. To determine the amount you might pay, the RI Department of Social Services provides a worksheet to help you estimate those payments.

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