In some Rhode Island car accidents, such as rear-end crashes, determining fault might be fairly straightforward. However, most collisions occur due to a combination of factors such as driver behavior, inclement weather, or distractions. While victims often attempt to collect compensation for a car accident from the at-fault driver, there are many additional parties that could be liable for the crash. Third-party liability in car accidents

Possible Third Parties Responsible for Car Accident Injuries

The reason victims may not know about possible third-party liability is that most contributing factors may not be readily apparent without an investigation. It takes the expertise of someone who has dealt with many crashes and their underlying causes to determine every possible factor that may have contributed to a collision. 

Common causes of third-party liability include:

Mechanical failure.

Vehicle manufacturers are required to create vehicles that are reasonably safe, and products must be thoroughly tested before they’re released onto the market. If an automaker sells a car with faulty parts (such as the engine, brake system, electrical system, or steering system) or poor design elements, the company may be named in an injury lawsuit.

Faulty components.

Airbags, seatbelts, headlights, and other auto parts may be manufactured by a third-party company and installed into the car by the automaker or installed as a replacement part by an auto repair shop.

Tire blow-outs.

Tires may suddenly blow at high speeds due to mistakes in the manufacturing process, lack of testing, or misaligned suspensions that produce uneven tire wear.

Defective road conditions.

Municipal agencies have a duty to design and maintain roadways, so they are safe for all users. Government entities can be held liable for a lack of lighting, missing signs, sharp curves, construction equipment blocking roads, and other conditions that fall short of road safety standards.


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