You may think that such pain can easily be treated with ice and painkillers. However, the muscle strain that causes whiplash will often not be localized to just your neck. The shearing and straining can continue down your spine, causing persistent back pain. If left untreated, whiplash could contribute to disc deterioration, as well as the development of arthritis. In fact, according to information shared by, as many as 60 percent of whiplash victims require long-term medical care for their pain, while 10 percent may become permanently disabled.

Another frightening aspect of whiplash is how easily it occurs. Many car accidents that cause whiplash involve vehicles colliding at less than 12 mph. While that may surprise you, consider that the threshold speed at which neck injuries can occur is only 5 mph. Knowing this may call into question your decision to not seek help following a minor car accident.

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