When someone is involved in a car accident, it may take years for them to recover from a serious injury such as a broken bone or brain injury. Furthermore, far too many car accident victims lose their lives and leave their loved ones with a variety of hardships, such as incredible emotional pain and financial problems. Car collisions are a major problem in Providence, Rhode Island, and throughout the nation. As a result, it is essential for drivers to focus on the importance of safe driving and for victims of car accidents to remain committed to recovery.

According to information published by the United States Census Bureau, there were 10.8 million auto accidents across the country in 2009. Additionally, more than 35,000 people passed away within one year after they were involved in a car accident in the same year. In Rhode Island, the CDC reports that 83 people passed away in 2009 within a month of their involvement in a car crash.

On the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website, alarming statistics are presented which reveal just how many people lose their lives or are injured in car accidents. The NHTSA reports that there were more than 5.6 million motor vehicle accidents in 2013, claiming the lives of over 30,000 people and leaving over 1.5 million people injured. From drowsy driving to texting and driving, there are many reasons why these tragedies continue to take place. Those who have endured pain and suffering that was caused by a negligent driver should closely review all of their options.

Have You Been Injured In A Car Accident?

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