For example, you may be owed benefits if you:

Are on your way to or from work.

Workers’ compensation generally will not pay for injuries sustained during an employee’s regular commute. However, if you were performing a special mission or running a work errand for your boss or employer before or after your shift, the entire journey is covered by workers’ compensation. In addition, some employees are paid for the time it takes for them to come into work, further forming the basis of a workers’ compensation claim.

Are traveling for work.

Work-related travel can include out-of-town business trips, making deliveries, driving in a company car, or driving yourself or other employees to a mandatory meeting.

Are driving for a living.

Some employees do not have a single work location and spend the majority of their work time behind the wheel. Taxi drivers, delivery drivers, truckers, and bicycle couriers may all collect workers’ compensation for an accident if they were on the clock at the time of the accident.

Are injured during a work function.

Workers’ compensation extends to off-hours trips, barbecues, dinners, picnics, and other functions paid for by the employer.


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