Wrong Way Driver Kills 2 Young Parents

While factors like alcohol consumption, drug use and cell phone use are all known to contribute to serious accidents, drowsy driving or simple absentmindedness can also prove to be very dangerous. In fact, failing to notice road signs and/or other motorists can have dire consequences. Every year in Providence, Rhode Island, innocent people lose their lives in completely avoidable car accidents, leaving their family and friends to wonder how such tragedies are possible.

A 24-year-old man was recently arraigned and held on $100,000 bail for his role in a car accident that took the lives of two people in Providence. The fatal incident occurred in the early hours of Easter Sunday when the man in question drove the wrong direction onto an area highway. According to authorities, the defendant in the case drove a little more than one mile before striking the vehicle carrying the two accident victims.

The defendant was reportedly moving at around 50 mph when the collision occurred, and failed to notice more than one “wrong way” sign as he entered the highway. It was not stated whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the fatal collision, but it was stated that the defendant had visited several area establishments before the incident occurred.

The two accident victims were engaged to be married, and had a five-year-old daughter. The male victim was 23 years old, and the female victim was 21. According to the family of the victims, their daughter was not immediately told about the accident.

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