Most divorce proceedings are resolved without trial, but spouses headed to the courtroom will have to undergo a discovery process to gather evidence that could benefit their cases. Part of this process involves giving sworn testimony outside of the courtroom, known as a deposition. Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers

How to Give Your Best Testimony in a Divorce Deposition

As experienced Rhode Island divorce attorneys, we have conducted our share of divorce depositions. We know how important it is for divorcing spouses to give their best testimony in their depositions to achieve their goals for separation.

On the day of your deposition, it is vital that you:

Tell the truth.

If you are caught in a lie, your spouse may be able to discredit you and attack your credibility on other points. Be honest in your responses, and do not attempt to guess at an answer if you aren’t sure. It is always ok to say you don’t know the answer or don’t remember.

Keep answers short.

You must answer direct questions put to you by the opposing attorney. However, you do not have to offer additional information, and doing so could help your spouse’s case.

Stay calm.

An opposing attorney may ask about your mental and physical health, your income, your lifestyle choices, and other factors. In custody battles, these may be pointed questions intended to portray you as an unsupportive parent. If you suspect the other attorney is trying to upset or provoke you, do not respond. Your attorney can intercede on your behalf or ask for a break if you are being treated unfairly.

Do not make jokes.

Some people attempt a joke during depositions in order to make themselves more relatable or simply because they are nervous. However, these jokes may not translate well when they are read back on the transcript and may be seen as flippant or disrespectful.

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