Most employees are not eligible to accrue paid time off (PTO) while receiving Rhode Island workers’ compensation benefits for temporary total disability (TTD). However, there is nothing preventing you from using your existing holiday pay, vacation hours, or other forms of PTO to supplement your benefits while out on workers’ compensation leave. Accruing vacation on workers' comp Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum

Using Paid Time Off While On Workers' Comp

The amount paid by workers’ compensation will be less than your usual paycheck, but you can use paid sick leave while drawing your weekly benefits. However, any sick time used will be subject to state and federal taxes, as well as any other deductions made in your normal paycheck.

For example, injured workers could use PTO:

During the waiting period.

Rhode Island imposes a three-day waiting period before injured workers can begin drawing workers' compensation weekly benefits. Using three days of sick leave can be especially helpful in the first days after an injury.

While recovering.

After you are placed on workers' compensation leave, you may use PTO or sick leave to supplement your benefits. Keep in mind that your combined benefits and PTO cannot exceed your regular (pre-injury) base pay.

When starting back at work.

If you earn wages from your current employer while on workers’ compensation, you should accrue vacation hours at the same rate you normally would if you were working full-time. In addition, you will accrue PTO on any normal hours worked as you return to your former employment.

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