Contingency Fees Benefit Both Lawyer and Client

People who need legal help may be afraid of overpaying an attorney for his work, and attorneys want to help clients resolve their cases as quickly as possible and get paid fairly for the work provided—whether or not the case goes to trial. Contingency fees help each party get what they need because:

  • If the lawyer is successful, he is paid a fair percentage from the client’s settlement
  • If the lawyer is successful, the client’s injuries and damages are covered
  • The client can count on a lawyer working quickly and thoroughly on the case
  • The attorney will only take a case on a contingency-fee basis if he sees real opportunity for success

Finally, it’s important to mention that—although the client does risk some cost—there is more risk involved for a lawyer when he accepts a case on a contingency-fee basis because he’s not guaranteed a win. And, if he loses a client’s case, he must absorb the cost for his work.


Christopher L. Russo
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