Holding the negligent person responsible.

Relatives may try to make sense of the tragedy, work to find out exactly why the accident happened, and determine who is liable for their loss. Holding someone accountable for negligence can also prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in the future.

Obtaining compensation for losses.

The loss of a family member is tragic, but asking you to bear an additional lifelong financial burden is not fair. While no amount of money can relieve your emotional suffering, we help you collect payment for your out-of-pocket expenses and increased costs resulting from the loss.

Leaving no stone unturned.

The fear of judgment from others often prevents relatives from speaking with an attorney for months. This makes it more likely the statute of limitations will run out before they have a chance to bring a claim. We focus on building your case to give you the necessary time to grieve, relieving the pressure you are under in any way we can throughout the case.


Christopher L. Russo
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