Any person who receives workers’ compensation and has a total or permanent partial disability is eligible for evaluation by a counselor of their choice for the VR program. The cost of the evaluation is paid for by workers’ compensation insurance. A vocational rehabilitation counselor will work with you to develop an individualized employment plan that takes into consideration factors such as:

  • Strengths and abilities
  • Priorities
  • Skills
  • Capabilities
  • Interests
  • Values

Any barriers to employment that you have as a result of your workplace injury will also be considered. If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, they will not be reduced or stopped as long as you are active in the job retraining program.

In cases where the injured worker refuses to participate in the VR program, workers’ comp benefits may be suspended. Once the rehabilitation program has been completed, an adjustment to the worker’s earning capacity may be re-evaluated by the court, and benefits may be adjusted unless the worker is able to return to their prior employment.

Workers’ Compensation Job Retraining Services

The VR program has many benefits for those enrolled. Some of the benefits and services offered include:

Counseling and Guidance

A counselor will help you set realistic goals and work with you to develop the skills needed for a career. Counseling is provided throughout the duration of the program and is covered by insurance.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services such as medical and psychological examinations and audiological testing can be used to determine the types of services needed for your specific disability.


Education such as vocational, technical, college, and on-the-job training is offered to help prepare you for your next job. Training is also available to help with independent living skills and work adjustments.

Vocational Evaluations

To better understand your job potential, evaluations on your interests, work tolerance, and general abilities will be used to determine the type of job best suited for your needs.

Restoration Services

If you require medical services such as physical therapy or equipment such as a wheelchair, those will be provided to help with your pursuit of employment. In many cases, physical therapy may be ongoing while the worker is in job retraining.

Job Placement Assistance

To help secure employment, there is job placement assistance such as job development and job seeking programs available to workers. A counselor may provide job leads or contact employers on your behalf to help you secure employment.

Support Services

There are a variety of support services offered such as those that make modifications to vehicles or job sites, occupational tools, licenses, and equipment. In addition, room and board and transportation costs are also covered under the program while the worker is participating or being evaluated.


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