Injured employees who are collecting workers’ compensation to cover the costs of their medical care may not be getting all they are owed for a work injury. For example, workers’ compensation laws allow reimbursement for various travel expenses needed to undergo medical treatment. It’s important that you understand what you may be owed and how to keep track of what you spend to attend doctor appointments. Workers comp lawyer Rhode Island

Reimbursable Travel Expenses Under Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Law

Rhode Island law allows employees who have been injured on the job to recover “reasonable travel expenses” as part of their workers’ compensation benefits. Victims may be reimbursed for the cost of traveling from their home to all necessary doctor visits, physical therapy appointments, psychological counseling, and other treatment related to the injury. Workers’ comp may also cover travel to undergo vocational retraining or evaluation.

Reimbursable travel expenses may include:

Car mileage.

Workers’ compensation pays a mileage rate of roughly 50 cents per mile for victims who drive to procure medical services. In order to make a claim for reimbursement, you should keep a log to note the miles traveled for each separate trip to appointments that are paid for or have been approved through workers’ compensation.

Use of public or professional transportation.

If you are unable to drive yourself, you may be entitled to reimbursement for bus fares, taxi fares, or the costs of a medical transportation company to take you to your necessary medical appointments.

Parking and tolls.

You should keep receipts for any parking fees or tolls you were forced to pay in order to get medical treatment for your injury.

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