Rhode Island Divorce Attorney Kirshenbaum & KirshebaumWith the most emotional aspects of family, those involving children, there are innumerable questions that can weigh heavily, such as: How frequently can you see your child? How can you ensure your child's well-being? What happens if your ex-spouse moves away or seeks relocation? How will spousal and/or child support/maintenance work?

When it comes to your family, and specifically issues of your child's well-being, there's no more important time to work with an experienced attorney who will provide the knowledge and dedication to protect the interests of your loved ones.

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What Factors Are Used to Determine Child Support?

The main issues the court will look to when determining a child support award are the best interests of the child. Other things a judge looks at include:

  • The income of the parents involved
  • The quality of life the child has had in the past
  • Medical and special needs of the child
  • The earning capacity of both parents
  • Any loss of job of either parent recently

Factors Affecting Child Custody

There are different factors that will affect a child custody award as well. If the child is old enough, the opinion of the child will be taken into consideration, but the overwhelming factor is still protecting the child's best interests.

A judge will also look to issues such as child abuse, drug or alcohol abuse and any other complication that may impact the child's safety. Where the child is attending school and the willingness of either parent to share custody are also large influencers on the court's decision.

There are also particular custody and support issues regarding unmarried parents.

Our attorneys can guide you through all of these factors and more. You can rely on us to explain your options and help you every step of the way.

An Experienced Warwick Family Law Firm

Because Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum is one of the oldest and most experienced firms in Rhode Island, there is almost no child custody/support issue with which we've not worked. Our lawyers are committed to bringing our comprehensive knowledge and experience in working toward a best-possible outcome for you and your children.

Our Family Law Attorneys take our experience and knowledge as Providence family law attorneys to inform clients of potential outcomes and work toward them. We don't allow clients to back down if we know they're going to end up with a resolution that doesn't work for them and their loved ones in the long term. If it's necessary to go to court on an issue in the interests of our clients, we're more than willing to do that. Our philosophy is simple: Never compromise when it comes to our clients' lives.

One example of our successful results:

Garrison v. Mulcahy, 636 A.2d 732 (RI 1993)

In this action, we represented a father who desperately wished to have his child remain in Rhode Island with him. The mother of the child petitioned the court to remove the child from the father and move with the child out of state. Our attorneys successfully established that there were no compelling reasons for the court to authorize having the child leave the state.

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