A pre-cancerous condition or a tumor does not happen overnight. At each stage of its development, there are opportunities to recognize the problem and take measures to deal with it. But when those opportunities are missed, precious time is lost and the range of potential treatment options narrows. This can result in intense physical suffering and a life cut short.

At Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum, we represent cancer sufferers and the families of deceased cancer patients in medical malpractice litigation. Our Rhode Island attorneys work diligently to hold negligent physicians and medical providers responsible when they fail to provide care that departs from the expected standard. When representing you, our lawyers will seek answers as to what happened and who was responsible, as well as compensation for your losses and suffering.

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A poor medical outcome is not necessarily evidence of medical malpractice. However, if you believe that your doctor or a medical specialist failed to recognize a potentially cancerous condition, or that a mistake was made in the interpretation of a biopsy sample, talk with the medical malpractice attorneys at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum.

If, after a preliminary investigation, we believe that you were the victim of medical negligence, we will undertake a comprehensive legal effort on your behalf. Of necessity, this will involve extensive investigations by leading oncologists and other medical experts, who can determine how the care provided failed to meet the expected standard. These specialists can also provide compelling testimony in court if necessary.

As a well-established law firm serving Providence and all of Rhode Island with more than eight decades of experience, we have the legal knowledge, financial resources and advocacy skills needed to successfully pursue challenging medical malpractice cases. Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum will work tirelessly to obtain answers and compensation for you.

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