Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Before taking the bike out after a long winter, motorcyclists should lube and adjust the chain, check cables for wear, check fluid levels, test brakes, turn signals and lights, and even go through a practice route to brush up on riding skills.

Riders should also be sure they have proper gear before going out for a ride. Motorcyclists should wear a DOT approved helmet. Helmets with a DOT label meet federal safety standards. The helmet should also offer eye protection. If the helmet does not have a shield, motorcyclists should wear a pair of goggles or glasses.

When it comes to clothing, riders should invest in quality materials. Wearing a leather jacket and a pair of leather pants helps put a bit more between the rider and roadway. For additional protection, riders should also be sure to have non-slip gloves and boots that rise above the ankle.

To stay safe while riding, motorcyclists should make sure other drivers can see them and avoid riding in the blind spots of other vehicles. Bikers should also keep a safe distance from drivers in front of them, and should not weave through traffic or ride on the shoulder. All of these practices can help keep riders and drivers safe during riding season.

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