Finding Hidden Assets

When the other side is attempting to hide significant assets, your property division settlement can be greatly affected. Our Warwick team is skilled at digging into bank accounts, financial records and other assets in order to find everything that needs to be divided in order to ensure that a fair agreement is reached.

In order to protect your best interests during your divorce, it is imperative to consult with a team who has helped individuals in similar situations as your own. We have worked with numerous clients who have had very complex asset division problems. Because of this, we have grown our network of experts who we consult with in order to ensure investigations and research are professionally handled with the utmost attention to detail.

A Warwick Family Law Firm With a History of Successful Results

One example of our results:

Stephenson v. Stephenson, 811 A.2d 1138 (RI 2002)

We represented the husband in a divorce action. During the marriage, at the persistence of the wife, the husband added her name to a number of his banking and investment accounts that he had acquired prior to the marriage. In the divorce action, the trial judge found that those accounts to which the husband added the wife's name were marital. On appeal, this office victoriously argued that the husband's property had not transmuted into marital property and established that the wife was added to the accounts as a matter of convenience. The marital estate, accordingly, was reduced by the amount contained in those accounts. The husband maintained his premarital property.

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