Most Attorneys Are Affordable

Workers’ compensation attorneys usually offer free initial case evaluations and consultations, which enable you to ask important questions and find a lawyer you trust. After choosing a lawyer, it’s important to remember that many attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis—meaning you won’t have to pay attorney fees unless your case is successful.

Attorneys Can Relieve Some Stress

After a work injury, your physical and mental health should be the first priority. Having a lawyer allows you to focus on healing while he handles all the details in a workers’ comp case—complicated paperwork, forms, claims and evidence, communication, and settlement discussions.

Attorneys Know What They’re Doing

If your injury was minor such as a sprained wrist, you could probably handle the insurance process on your own. However, if your injury takes you out of work for weeks, requires significant medical treatment, and causes issues with your employers, an experienced lawyer can help. Workers’ compensation lawyers can manage claims issues, fill out forms correctly and effectively, advocate for fair compensation, and problem-solve on difficult requests—all because they’ve handled similar cases before.

Attorneys Lower the Chance of a Denial

Many small details can determine the success or failure of a workers’ comp claim such as filling out paperwork correctly and using the appropriate legal jargon in claim documents. Because lawyers are familiar with claim requirements, they can help collect the correct evidence and respond quickly to time-sensitive requests, getting your claim right the first time.

Robyn K. Factor
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