Call your employer or insurance carrier.

If the denial was caused by a typographical or clerical error (such as a mistyped name or date), you may be able to resolve it by speaking to your employer or the insurance carrier. If the denial is due to a dispute, you may move on to file an appeal.

Begin your appeal.

Injured employees must file a petition with the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court to appeal a denial of benefits. They must complete the correct forms and pay a filing fee. After the appeal is filed, they will be given a date for a pre-trial conference with their employer and a judge.

Gather medical evidence.

You will need to prepare for the appeal by gathering as much documentation as you can to dispute the reason given for denial. Potential evidence may include test results, medical records, timecards, photographs, or other proof that shows why the denial is in error. 

Speak to an attorney.

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, it’s important to speak with a lawyer who can help you through the appeals process. Our workers’ compensation attorneys help claimants understand their legal options and only charge for our services if we succeed in getting your benefits approved.


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