Third-Party Claims Explained by Our Attorneys in Cranston

Most employees in Rhode Island are covered by workers' compensation insurance that pays benefits to cover medical costs and wage losses after a workplace accident. When a workplace accident is the fault of a third party, such as a contractor or equipment supplier, the injured worker may have a third-party claim in addition to the workers' compensation claim. The third-party claim may entitle the worker to additional compensation. In some work injury cases, the compensation from the third-party claim can significantly exceed the value of the workers' compensation benefits the worker receives.

If your workplace accident was the fault of someone other than a co-employee or it was the result of a safety violation on the part of your employer, you should discuss your case with an attorney. Without effective legal representation, you may not get all of the workers' compensation benefits and third-party compensation you are entitled to receive.

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Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum has decades of experience representing injured workers in workplace injury cases. We work diligently to help our clients obtain the workers' compensation benefits they deserve, as well as additional compensation they are entitled to. When we handle your case, we will seek the best possible result for you.

Maximizing Your Compensation From All Sources

A third-party case is a separate legal action that moves in parallel to a workers' compensation claim. However, a mistake that is made on one side can jeopardize the status of the other case, causing the worker to lose compensation that he or she would otherwise be entitled to receive.

At Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum, we have extensive experience in both workers' compensation and third-party cases. Because we handle both sides of these cases in-house, we avoid duplicated efforts and minimize the possibility of mistakes. Our goal when representing you will be to maximize the total compensation you receive from all sources.

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