Warwick RI Family Lawyers Kirshenbaum & KirshenbaumIf you are not married but have children, you have rights through the Family Court.

But what do you do when you and the other parent do not agree about custody or support questions?

At Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum, we can help you respond to the legal issues you face as an unmarried parent. We invite you to give us a call today to schedule a free initial consultation about your specific situation. Call 888-591-9976. From our office in Warwick, we serve clients throughout the State of Rhode Island, including all four counties, Providence, Kent, Newport and Washington.

Guiding You To A Structure That Makes Sense For You

Our lawyers know how emotional and complicated decisions about child custody and support can be. As with other family law issues, it is important to be proactive about seeking an arrangement that reflects your goals and makes sense for your family.

In general, unless there is a court determination, both unmarried parents face great uncertainties when there is no agreement about custody or support. It can be easy for the other parent to take advantage of you, when there is no court order to provide structure for the parenting arrangement.

Do You Need To Speak To A Rhode Island Divorce Attorney?

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