Being falsely accused of domestic violence can negatively impact your life, your family relationships, and your career. If you have been charged with domestic violence and you are not guilty of the alleged crimes, you need to act immediately to prove your innocence, protect your life, and preserve your reputation.

What You Should Do Next

After being wrongly charged with domestic violence, there are a number of steps to take to help your case:

Don’t plead guilty.

If the arresting officer or the prosecutor tells you that it’s in your best interests to plead guilty, don’t believe it. Though this type of case can be tough to fight, never admit to allegations of domestic violence if you are not guilty.

Seek legal advice.

This is the most important step you will take. Find an attorney who is experienced in this type of case, so you can be assured of a fair trial. An experienced attorney will understand your difficult situation and provide the best assistance in helping prove your innocence. Do not speak with law enforcement about any charges unless you have your lawyer present.

Have a witness.

If you and your spouse or partner were already separated before the charges were made, you may still have contact with that person. If for any reason you need to meet with your ex-partner, make sure you have a witness present to avoid more false allegations.

Avoid further trouble.

Avoid any action that could threaten your defense. For example, do not engage in confrontations with your ex-partner, keep a cool head and avoid angry outbursts, and avoid using firearms for any reason. Any disruptive behavior could be used against you in court to make you look like a violent or an unstable person.

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