A lot of times our clients are concerned “how am I going to keep my job, how am I going to pay my expenses, what happens with all these medical bills?” and we explained to them “let us take care of that for you.” There are many different levels of insurance that we apply for our client to get all their medical expenses paid. We then compile all of their documentation necessary to show their lost wages. We take all of that concern off their shoulders, we tell them you worry about getting better, and we’ll worry about getting all this compensation for you.

Sometimes clients start to think “I don't have money coming in, I'm not working, I'm injured, I don't have a car, can I really afford to hire an attorney?” we explain to them “you can't not afford to hire us” because it's important to let somebody experienced, like the attorneys at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum, negotiate for you and get all that money back for you, so that you can get the car you need, get back to work so you have money coming back into your house, get all of your medical expenses paid and get you the compensation you need, and deserve, for all that you've been through and hopefully can make your life a little more comfortable when the case resolves.

When a client comes to us and they sign on to us to say, and they say, “help me” we take all of the burdens off them and tell them please just worry about getting better. We take care of worrying about the medical bills, worrying about documenting all their lost wages, worrying about dealing with the insurance companies. We take all that off of their, off of their worry and we handle it for them.

It is a very common question client to ask us “what's going to happen of all these medical bills?’ And we explain to our clients, there are multiple levels of insurance that can cover it, including health insurance, car insurance, medical payment coverage and we explore all of those avenues to take care of all of our client’s expenses.

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