"I'm Dawn and I work for Bob's Discount Furniture. I'm a salesperson. I did have a referral, um, I've worked with Robin Factor before previously and she recommended Christopher, so, um, I got injured at my job and I looked her up and she was the first one that came up with Google and I loved her! She did a fantastic job for me for that time of my life. I searched for the best lawyer in town on Google and they are the ones that came up first, number one, and their reviews were phenomenal so that's what made me go."

I set up an appointment with her. I didn't speak to her that day but I set up an appointment with her and I finally met her in person and she was so beautiful as a person and made me feel so welcoming and I was so happy and we signed it and she did what she had to do."

"I've had a rough four years. I got into a car accident. The person who actually hit me was an older lady and she hit us really good. I was behind a car and I was going to turn so what happened was I found out later on she didn't know the difference between the brake pedal and the gas pedal. She got nervous and she hit the gas pedal instead."

"Chris is very, very pleasant, very understanding. He helped me understand the whole process. It was very comforting to know that he was behind me and helping me through. The way the process was,  I had to go through therapy to get back to me, what I was before. I got into the accident and he helped me through the whole way. He recommended places to go and I followed his lead the whole way. Again he was very supportive, walked me through everything that I had to do step by step and help me understand everything. Let me say how grateful I feel. I've come here so at the end when we're all done my therapy was through. The settlement went through. He walked me through everything that was going to happen through that and he was very kind enough to give me a little bit extra out of his pocket because he knew I was going through so much. I'm so blessed. I was so blessed to have been in their care they've had my back two times so they helped me through everything. I would definitely recommend. Absolutely they are lawyers from my life."