When a client comes to us and they sign on to us to say, and they say, “help me” we take all of the burdens off them and tell them please just worry about getting better. We take care of worrying about the medical bills, worrying about documenting all their lost wages, worrying about dealing with the insurance companies. We take all that off of their, off of their worry and we handle it for them.

When client's come to us and sometimes on the first visit they ask "how long is this going to take?" and we tell them the most important aspect of determining that is the injury. Obviously the more severe the injury the longer the treatment period, it's going to take a little bit longer. So that first we explain that it's your injury, you have to heal before we can determine the total value of their case. And then we explain to them, that some cases, once we make a settlement demand, a case could settle within a couple of weeks, it could take months, some cases we have to go into a more complicated form of settlement strategies, be it a mediation, and/or sometimes we tell them we have to file a lawsuit.

Sometimes we've had clients that have already had some contact with the insurance company and they've gotten frustrated, then they come to us and think did I really mess up my case. And the answer is no, you haven't. We explain to them this is why you should have come to us in the first place, we have them sign documents to make sure the insurance companies can no longer get any of their medical records, we make sure the insurance company now deals with us.  And then the client doesn't have to worry about receiving any more phone calls, doesn't have to worry about what they said or are going to say to the insurance company, and we take care of all of that form.

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