Our client Dianne M. found our team thanks to the recommendation from a family member. She thanks Jesse Nason for his honesty as her family law attorney.

So my name is Dianne and I am clinical social worker, I'm also a health care consultant and advocate. So I need and attorney because I had filed for divorce. So the Kirshenbaum name is really well known in Rhode Island, and well respected and when I had shared with a family member that I was filing for divorce I said, she was working for an attorney at the time, and ask her to give me a recommendation and this firm is the one that they recommended. He was honest, ethical and profession and I'm a very high energy person and he was able to calm my nerves, for lack of a better term.So it is not fun to go through a divorce. It's not a quick process so it was important to have somebody who very steady, very calming but very smart, and so I got all of those things which was very important to me. There was accountability, ethics, always responded to my emails, even on the weekends. I would definitely count on this firm for all my legal needs. Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum, they are more than lawyers, family.