The Importance of Avoiding Distracted Driving

A very popular topic right now, and hits home to me because I have a teenage driver at home, is distracted driving. It’s real, it's out there, it happens every day. First, if you listen to this we're encouraging you not to be that distracted driver. Put your phone away. I tell my daughter, put your phone in your armrest, close it, pretend it's not there. People get injured every day due to distracted driving and its all age groups. You've all seen it, I've seen it, people going through intersections, looking down at their phones. It is dangerous, it's what causes accidents and we at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum, we know that and we know how to gather that information and prove that's what caused this collision, when the driver doesn't want to admit they were on the phone.

We hope that clients call us after a car collision as soon as they can afterwards, but, if you're watching this video, god forbid, you do get involved in a car collision, here’s some things you really should do. As much as you may not want to, call the police. Having the police do a proper investigation and documenting what happened at the collusion, getting a statement from all the drivers, its critical information that, if they're not called, people can change their stories. Also, taking photographs, showing property damage, getting your car brought to a proper body shop to have the car examined to determine the full extent of the damages, even those that you don't see, all of that is crucial investigative information that once it's lost, can never be regained.