We have clients come to us and say “do I really need you” and the truth of the matter, is sometimes the answer is “no you don't.” We have had clients come to us and we tell them “you know what, you really don't need a lawyer.” Maybe in some of those situations they've already had a settlement offer from the insurance company and we look at the case and it's usually a smaller case and we'll explain to them “no I really can't help you.” We give them an honest answer, we give them some guidance and some parameters and how to negotiate and resolve the case, but that it's really probably not going to be in their benefit to hire a lawyer.

But, for the majority of the cases the answer is yes they do. because the injuries are more complicated, maybe there's surgery involved, maybe there's multiple cars involved to be able to deal with the liability issues and just being able to deal with the multiple insurance companies in gathering all the necessary medical records and for those clients we explain all of that and why we're the firm that they should hire.

We tell our clients we want to educate you. we do not like clients to be in the dark and one of the things clients say about me is that they find that I'm very easy to talk to, in that I keep them informed and educated throughout the process and that, in and of itself, takes away a lot of anxiety for them. And if you're on our website look throughout the many pages we have, in a very informative and we want you to be educated as to what you can expect in your various case, be it a shoulder injury be it a car accident be the slip and fall be it a domestic dispute. We want you to be educated when you come to us.

A lot of times clients want to know “where's this going, what's the process from beginning to end” and we explain to them, from the day you meet us, the end game could be a trial but so many things happen in between there that we explain. First off is your period of time that you heal, then we explain the negotiation process trying to settle the case. we explain to them that there are various tools that we have, mediation, arbitration, we explain all that, what's involved in that process to try and resolve their case and sometimes we explain to them their case does need to go into the litigation, into filing a lawsuit and we explain a lot of times that has to do with, maybe, there's a significant issue of liability. But we tell them, we have the hand throughout the whole process and the way that we at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum prepare our clients, we take away all the anxieties they have even throughout that process, so that if their case actually requires a trial, they feel asked for appeared if not more prepared than we are and their not afraid of trial anymore.

Clients are very, very fearful of trial. They see these trials on TV and that they are very, very afraid that's the last place that they want to go. And we let them know, we've been practicing for over 26 years and we tell them most cases never see a trial. But there are cases that we have to put into a lawsuit; that scares them but we tell them, don't worry. Just because we file a lawsuit doesn't mean your cases are going to settle, we still settle many cases without a trial. But we explain to them and we demonstrate to them that we have the experience and we have the ability to try the case if necessary and that's what allows us to get the maximum settlement for them. But if the case needs a trial we demonstrate not only are we ready but with the preparation we spend with our clients they're ready.

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