Christopher Russo, I'm an attorney in Warwick Rhode Island. I started off in Webassa Street in Providence back when the founders Louis and Izzy Kirshenbaum were with the firm and the firm moved to Warwick, Rhode Island, on reservoir Avenue where we are now and have been since 1984.

What We Do and Who We Are

So when we get calls, my area is in personal injury, and when we get calls from a client they're usually rattled, because their life's been turned upside down. maybe they just started a new job and now they got into an accident, they can't work they're fearful about losing their job, fearful about who's gonna pay these bills and we're able to calm them down and assure that that we can take care of all of that and take those worries away from them.

We like to call ourselves a medium sized firm. We are not big, corporate America type law firm we’re a small family size law firm we like to call ourselves. There are three attorneys that work in the personal injury area and we have four paralegals that assist us in all that we do.

At Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum we're a multi-use of law firm. we have a section of the law firm that practices family law, domestic law and then we have another area that practices in personal injury, all forms of personal injury, workers compensation, car collisions, slip and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice, product liability and then the other part of the firm, in family law, handles domestic divorces, mediations, separations, child custody issues and visitation issues.

It's a common question people say “are you more like a jack of all trades master of none” but we find that our clients like the fact that we do more than one area to practice because they have different interests that pop up in different times, so that we've had many clients that we've been representing in a family court matter and they got involved in a collision and they're thankful that they get the same high level of service, they can stay with us, rather than having to go to a different law firm.

Meet Chris Russo

Common question people want to know, “who am I?” I tell them I'm all Rhode Islander. I grew up and never left Rhode Island other than for college in law school. I grew up in the Providence, in North Providence area and went to Laselle and people know Laselle, well used to know, was an all-boys school, I had the dubious honor of being in the last class of all boys, then went to Boston College. Some people may remember Doug Flutie, famous football player. He went to Boston College. I was there during that time, I played baseball, that was my sport and I had pleasure being a catcher on the Boston College baseball team for four years. Little known fact a lot of people don't know that I have a prized possession in my office. When we were Boston College at the spring training at Winter Haven, I have a picture with me and Ted Williams in my office and that is something that I look at every day and it reminds me of just a wonderful time of my life and I love the competition of baseball. And I then went to Suffolk University Law School in Boston and after law school I knew I wanted to come back to Rhode Island and work with my dad at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum. I've been there my entire legal career I'm proud to say I've never left the law firm and that I'm now managing partner. I did have the pleasure of working my dad for 21 of those 26 years, we did lose my dad several years ago. That's when I took over as a managing partner and I am married I have a lovely wife Maria she's a hair stylist that's why my hair looks the way it does. I have two daughters Alexandra and Jessica and they are 15 and 17 years old and I say with all the love, they're the ones responsible for my gray hairs.