I've been a lifelong Rhode Islander. I have come to know in love a lot of people in this community. When my daughters were born there's a sign up inside Starbucks congratulating me and my wife, that's why I love being where we are in this community. Rhode Island is a nice small tight-knit community where you know wherever you go you have roots. You know I love the fact that my daughter's will say no matter when we go out why is it we always run into somebody you know? I said and I tell them it's because this is what I do I help so many people over the years, I've seen what insurance companies can do to the people seeking just compensation and I love the fact that I'm there to fight for that person against call it what it is the Goliath insurance companies that's why I do what I do. and I am most proud about this firm is that we are not the quick settlers that we will take that extra time, that extra year if necessary, to get the compensation we know the case is worth. sometimes you know when we work on a case you know these cases don't end in a couple of weeks or months some of these cases we're working with our clients for years. It’s not like you see in law and order on TV, these cases don't end in an hour. I do what I do because I truly like helping the underdog. We make changes in their lives makes their lives a little bit better it enables them to maybe get to help medically that they need. We become family and friends. I am truly passionate about my family my girls are my passion I want to see my girls thrive be better than me which is not hard be what they want to be that is my passion in life. Family, to me, means a rock confident where you can go where you can be safe where you can tell all of your problems without being judged without being criticized in knowing they're all there to help you. Because I truly do like helping people sometimes you need a lawyer what you need is family.

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Christopher L. Russo
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