Erin: "My name is Erin and I am a digital marketing manager."

Chris: "Erin. I love Erin. Erin's like a daughter to me."

Erin: "I got into a car accident in 2006 and my father had great results with Kirshenbaum through his divorce and had highly recommended that I reach out to them to seek legal advice for this accident."

Chris: "I've known Erin for many years my father had the pleasure of helping her dad. That's how I first met Erin initially."

Erin: "I thought the process would take years to work through through the court system and we were able to go to litigation, do the deposition and were able to receive our final settlement within I believe a year which was great because I had not anticipated it being that fast."

Chris: "It came full circle. They came back to me because unfortunately her father had a claim that I had to help him with and we're still helping him to this day."

Erin: "The phrase 'Lawyers For Life' for me is this is a team that I can trust for every legal matter that I have and whether it be something that is not entirely in their wheelhouse I am able to feel confident going to Christopher Russo and asking him for guidance on if there is somebody else in the legal field that he may be able to refer me to."