"My name is Shannon Melia and I am a nurse. I had gone to a few other attorneys for a very messy, complex divorce. I mean there are things that happen in a divorce that you don't want to happen but they have to."

"I had gotten Jesse's name from someone who had come to see him before and he came highly highly recommended. Oh there was a lot of back and forth with Jesse and I. I said it was very messy, um very involved, and um, yes there was a lot of back and forth, a lot of visits in the office, a lot of phone calls, a lot of emails, and I mean Jesse's been on top of things from day one so I mean he makes you feel so comfortable. Like I didn't, can't really say I never had anything to worry about. He really, he's been like right on the ball and there were things I would have never even thought of, but to worry about that thing on my house, know the nitty-gritty that came with that, that he didn't have to. It made me feel like he was wanting to help me, wanting to help my kids, that's, I mean my whole focus through the whole thing, it was my kids. I could email Jesse on a weekend or even at night and he always got back to me quickly, even on a weekend. I mean who does that?"