You’ve been injured, and you have no idea how long your treatment is going to take. Could it be a month? Could it be a year? We don’t know. If we’re going to have to go into litigation, it could take six months, a year, or two years down the road. Now all of a sudden, you’re asked, “What happened six months after the crash? How long were you not able to drive? What did the pain feel like?”

Here at Kirshenbaum and Kirshenbaum, we guide our clients on how to keep a pain journal so that they can keep notes,  recall, go back and look at their journal, and remember what happened six months ago. 

How did their pain feel? What type of little anecdotal stories can they write down in their journal that really resonate how the injury affected their life? How long were they not able to drive? 

People sometimes think, “I’ll never forget.” Trust me, it will be really difficult to remember two years later when you’re in litigation and they’re asking you in a deposition. You’re going to think, “I have no idea.”

But here at Kirshenbaum and Kirshenbuam, we guide our clients so that they’re well-prepared from the beginning to the very end of the case. Don’t hesitate. Contact Kirshenbaum and Kirshenbaum and let us be your lawyers for life.

Christopher L. Russo
Helping Rhode Island personal injury victims for nearly three decades to get the compensation they deserve.