We Make Sure Insurance Companies Cover Everything

Insurance companies try to pay as little as possible after an injury but we work to see your medical bills, pain & suffering and lost wages are compensated for.

In order to get the most that we can for our clients it's a bit of a chess match, a game if you will, that you need to know and come to the firm that knows how to make the right moves to get the most for you. And it's not just simply, a lot of people think, oh just add up your medical bills and throw out a number and they settle with you. That's not the way it goes. Insurance companies these days they are more and more trying to reduce what they'll pay you for your medical bills.They don't want to just pay you for your medical bills, they don't want to pay your lost wages and they certainly don't want to pay your pain and suffering. And so we know how to maneuver the case to put you in the best position possible to get the most that you can.