"What's my deposition all about? We get that question a lot, 'what is a deposition'? In these claims sometimes we have to file a lawsuit and a deposition is a time when we go into the other lawyer's office and that lawyer gets to ask you questions about your case and you're under oath just like you're in a court of law. Clients are like, 'what's that mean' and they get very nervous. They're scared what's going to happen. We assure them we have a process here at Kirshenbaum and Kirshenbaum. We will prepare you to the point where are preparation will seem harder than the deposition itself. We've heard horror stories over the years, people say 'well my lawyer never prepared me'. We can't even imagine that. We take the time to prepare our clients so they're as confident as can be before they ever step foot into that deposition."

"It's usually the defense attorney is doing the questioning, I usually don't ask questions of my own clients, and the clients want to know how long is this going to take? Well, sometimes it's dependent on the clients. The more you answer the questions straightforward, succinctly, it speeds up the process if client starts getting evasive, it's going to keep going, so sometimes these oppositions can be done in less than an hour. Sometimes if it's a bigger case, yes, we will prepare our clients and we'll tell them sometimes, you know, this is going to take a couple of hours. We empower our clients and so we get them through it from beginning to end and when it's all over they all, inevitably, our clients say thank you your preparation was so much a part of why I feel good about that deposition result because the deposition is a very important part of your case because that's testimony, just like in front of a jury, and we also know it's so important to prepare our clients for this. That position, because a lot of cases may resolve after depositions, they're waiting to see how the case plays out. How does that client come across depositions are nothing to be prepared for it if you're represented by Kirshenbaum and Kirshenbaum."

Christopher L. Russo
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