"Focus groups. What are they? Focus groups have been around for years. Everyone uses them. Marketing companies use them. Lawyers use them. Why do we use them and what are they?"

"So focus groups are a random sampling of people in the public who could be your jurors. What we do is we present parts of our cases. Why? Because the one thing they tell you in law school, the worst thing you do is you graduate from law school, you think like a lawyer! Lawyers aren't deciding your cases, jurors are deciding your cases. So why are we presenting our cases to these juries? We want to know what a juror thinks. What's the average person think? What do they think of our case? And most importantly, we're asking these focus groups what do you want to know to make your decision, so that we then go find out that information in investigating your case and preparing a case for a jury trial."

"I love doing focus groups because I'm utterly amazed sometimes and I'm appreciative at the same time because sometimes cases, I think, all right this is pretty straightforward but I'm going to do a focus group and I'm blown away at how they look at it differently than I do and it helps me win the case for my client."

Christopher L. Russo
Helping Rhode Island personal injury victims for nearly three decades to get the compensation they deserve.