"My name is Steven Taco. I do some accounting work, now in retirement. I retired from the state of Rhode Island. What happened was I did have a workers' comp case and I went to Robin, again fantastic, uh working relationship. I enjoyed how she handled it so professionally, so competently and it worked out very well and I just got along very well with Robin. Then, subsequently after that case got settled, my son Greg again had a head-on collision in 2016. In my conversations with Robin at the time she said 'you know my partner Chris represents accident cases and personal injury so that's how the relation started to include Chris obviously in the same firm."

"I find Chris to be very easy to work with. Um, uh he's just like I said, I can talk to him almost like, um, like he's you know, just a good friend. I think the most important thing in a relationship with an attorney is the communication and feeling comfortable, and I believe that, and I've been most successful obviously with Chris, prior with Robin, that when you call they treat you like a human. I think at the end of the day you've got to be realistic, you're going to be realistic in the sense that some cases are clear cut, some cases are just challenging. In some cases, like I said, it's not easy. I would definitely refer anyone that has a personal injury or even related legal issues that certainly Chris and Robin would handle and obviously the firm."

"I'm a very loyal person when somebody treats me right. I return it and I've been treated very loyally by Chris, by Robin, by this firm and I can swear by it and that to me is paramount to the decision I make and even a referral if I'm referring somebody to Chris and Robin. I believe it when you feel comfortable with somebody, you feel like somebody's doing you right."