WPRI recently interviewed a trainer who was teaching student bouncers about how to sense panic and what to do about it.

"We have to teach them, remember, in an emergency, all bets are off, every exit is open, everyone is brought towards there," said the owner of the Colosseum, who supports the training.

At least one of the student bouncers, who can earn a certificate after the four-hour course, knew people involved in the Station fire. After that, the idea of safety as a top priority hit home.

Will changes like the bouncers' emergency crowd control training make a difference? It almost undoubtedly will. The costs of a major fire, when measured by premises liability and other claims that quantify the injuries and losses of the victims and their families, are substantial. That cost is estimated that nearly $175 million in legal settlements. When measured in pure human terms, a four-hour course on panic prevention and orderly evacuation are well worth the extra effort.

Christopher L. Russo
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