Blowout Liability

Even safe drivers with properly maintained vehicles fall victim to accidents caused by a tire blowout, and these crashes can cause devastating injuries to drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. When an exploding tire results in an accident, it is not always the fault of the driver, however. It is important to investigate a blowout accident to determine if any of the following contributed to the tire failure:

Negligent repair maintenance.

Although most automotive repair professionals are skilled experts, they may improperly install or rotate a tire that leads to a blowout. When a tire explodes due to the actions of a mechanic who improperly installed the tire, over- or under-inflated the tire during routine service, or neglected to indicate damage they observed, that mechanic may be liable for any accident that follows.

Negligent road maintenance.

Some road conditions present hazards which a driver cannot reasonably avoid. If your car blew a tire which led to a collision, be sure to document if there were road conditions that may have contributed. If a pothole caused your tire to explode, the city or state which failed to maintain safe roads may share the blame.

Road debris from another vehicle.

Tires can be damaged when your car comes in contact with dangerous objects that have fallen from another vehicle. If a commercial truck or someone’s car is carrying a poorly secured load, items can drop onto the road that create damage to the vehicles around them. When an accident is caused by hazards that another driver leaves behind, that driver may share the blame for a tire blowout. 


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