Most drivers have experienced the frustration of following behind a slow-moving vehicle. While the desire to overtake slow drivers is understandable, many people do not fully understand how dangerous it can be to perform a passing maneuver—and failed attempts are the cause of hundreds of accidents each year.  Accidents caused by improper passing

How Improper Passing Maneuvers Lead to Serious Injuries

Drivers are expected to follow traffic and safety laws when passing another vehicle. However, poor judgment or a lack of road experience can cause an accident, including:

A head-on collision.

A driver who does not have a complete view of oncoming traffic, fails to slow down when passing on a curve, or attempts to overtake another car in a “no passing” zone may drive directly into the path of another vehicle.

A sideswipe crash.

A passing driver may strike the side of another vehicle if he fails to check his blind spots before changing lanes or if he neglects to use a turn signal to alert other drivers of his intentions.

An avoidance crash.

If a passing driver miscalculates the space between cars, the drivers around him may be forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision. In doing so, a driver may run off the side of the road, strike trees or guardrails, or suffer a rollover accident due to a sudden jerk of the wheel.

In most cases, the driver of the vehicle attempting to pass is to blame for causing an accident. However, other parties may share some liability. For example, if the driver being overtaken refuses to “let in” the vehicle attempting to pass, the passing vehicle may be forced to brake suddenly, putting all following vehicles in both lanes at risk. An injury attorney can examine the details of the accident to determine exactly who is at fault.

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