You may be able to change doctors after using your first choice opportunity.

It may be possible for you to switch medical care providers to treat a work-related injury after using your first choice option. In many cases, you will be asked to choose from the employer’s Preferred Provider Network (PPN), if applicable, to select a pre-approved provider for further care. With prior approval, you may still be able to seek medical care from a provider that is not listed in the PPN. However, if you seek medical attention that is not approved at this stage, you are likely to be liable for any accrued medical bills for any treatment you receive.

You can be referred to a specialist.

Without prior approval, you may be referred to a specialist or another provider for a specific treatment. This includes out of state treatment, which is protected by the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Act.

Other Considerations

Regardless of where you seek your primary treatment, you may be required to undergo a medical evaluation with a doctor that has been chosen by your employer’s insurance provider. This appointment will be paid for by the insurer, and you will have access to any documented observations made by the physician during this appointment.


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