Warwick Rhode Island Divorce Law Firm Kirshenbaum & KirshenbaumWhen the emotional strain of the end of a marriage combines with the stress of performing complicated legal procedures, it’s no wonder that people make mistakes. Our experienced divorce attorneys explain how to recognize common problems and avoid them before they cause trouble. 

Mistakes That Can Have a Serious Impact on Your Life After Divorce

The biggest mistakes people make are the ones driven by emotion. Spouses may feel angry, cheated, or depressed, and they may lash out without considering the consequences of their actions. Racking up shared debt before the divorce is final or selling off your spouse’s belongings can weaken your negotiating position, so it is best to remain calm and focus on the future.

Spouses should also try to important to avoid other common divorce mistakes, such as:

Flying blind financially.

You will need a clear understanding of your family finances in order to get a fair settlement in your divorce. This includes your shared assets, debts, and living expenses, as well as your projected living expenses after separation for you and your children. If your spouse has handled the financial end in the past, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with your holdings and budget.

Failing to consider divorce mediation.

Spouses may put off filing for divorce for years because they fear the cost, or worry about the effect it will have on the children. In these cases, mediation may be preferable (and less expensive) than going to court.

Making agreements with a spouse “without the lawyers.”

If your divorce is uncontested, you may be tempted to let your spouse “handle everything” in order to avoid the stress (and lower the costs) of separation. Unfortunately, many people have been taken advantage of during good faith efforts to work out the details amicably with their spouses. If your spouse makes any promises, such as paying for a child’s education or taking over car payments, always present the offer to your lawyer in writing before you agree.

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