Many accidents happen at intersections when a driver fails to stop at a stop sign, yield, or stop at a traffic light. These types of accidents can result in severe or fatal injuries. If you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of a driver not following traffic controls, consult with an attorney to help you understand your legal rights. Warwick RI Car Accident Lawyers Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum

Common Traffic Controls

Every driver on the road understands that traffic controls exist to create order when driving. However, some drivers don’t follow these controls, and car accidents resulting in serious injuries often occur. Some common traffic controls that drivers often fail to follow are:

Regulatory Signs

There are numerous regulatory signs used to prevent accidents and guide traffic in the proper direction. These include stop signs, yield signs, one-way road signs, do not enter signs, and speed limit signs. Accidents happen when drivers do not obey the signs and collide with other vehicles.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are used at intersections to control the flow of traffic. Drivers often violate this control by running a red light either because they’re in a hurry or they’re distracted and aren’t paying attention to the changing color. These traffic light violations often result in serious accidents and fatalities.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are used to alert drivers to hazards on the road. These include warnings at railroad crossings, construction zones, school zones, animal crossings, and no passing zones. Warning signs can also be posted to alert the driver of the current speed limit or a change to the speed limit. Failing to obey these warning signs can result in an accident.

It is the responsibility of the driver to follow traffic controls and understand all warning signs. A new or untrained driver can be held liable for an accident if they don’t obey them.

Missing or Damaged Traffic Controls

While some drivers fail to follow traffic controls, accidents can also occur if a traffic control is missing or damaged. Some examples include:

  • If a traffic light is not functioning. Without a functioning light to control traffic, all drivers should stop at the intersection before proceeding. Many drivers do not stop, and this can result in an accident. A driver who does not stop could be at fault if there’s an accident.  
  • If a traffic control is missing or has been removed completely. If a driver does not know there’s a missing traffic control, an accident could occur. In this case, the municipality where the accident happened may be liable.

Preventing an Accident

Not every accident can be prevented, but there are several things a driver can do to avoid the possibility of an accident. Some prevention tips include:

  • Slowing down when approaching an intersection
  • Following the speed limit and not speeding
  • Not rushing through a yellow light and stopping before the light turns red
  • Understanding what the various traffic controls mean and if you are uncertain, finding out before you proceed on your route

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a driver who has failed to follow a traffic control, consult with an experienced car accident attorney. You may be entitled to receive compensation for any damages you suffer. An attorney will investigate the accident, gather evidence, protect your legal rights, and determine what type of settlement you may receive due to injury or loss.

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