Failing to report your injuries.

Employees must report any accident at work that results in an injury. There is only a limited amount of time to report a work-related injury, and failing to do so can affect your workers’ compensation benefits.

Allowing the company to choose your doctor.

Employers may encourage you to see physicians of their choosing in order to control your care. Rhode Island workers’ compensation law allows employees to select their own doctors, so you should select someone you trust to treat your work injuries.

Posting about the accident online.

Anything you post to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites can be accessed by your employer or coworkers and used against you. It is best to disable your accounts or make all posts private.

Ignoring your doctor’s orders.

You should follow all medical advice related to your injury, both for your health and for your benefit claim. If you cancel follow-up appointments or return to work before you reach your maximum medical improvement, your insurer may be unwilling to continue paying your benefits.


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