When property owners are responsible for a parking lot fall for negligence and liability

Tripping over uneven pavement can be an embarrassing moment, but it can also be the cause of injuries that last into the future. Slip and falls cause many injuries each year, and it’s not always easy to determine who’s to blame for the accident, especially if the fall took place in a business parking lot. This type of fall poses particular dangers for victims and raises important liability issues that can affect the victim’s right to compensation. Slip and falls in a parking lot

Parking Lot Conditions That May Prove Negligence

In any slip and fall accident case, it is important to determine whether the property owner’s negligence played a part in the injury. A property owner is required by law to keep all areas of his business safe for visitors, including the sidewalks and parking lot. As a result, victims can make a claim for compensation if they were injured due to:

  • Open holes. Property owners are required to make repairs to any potential dangers, including filling potholes or holes made by animals.
  • Uneven steps or curbs. Uneven ground is a common tripping hazard. While the property owner is generally liable for injuries on stairways, a government entity could be held responsible for a fall over an uneven curb.
  • Winter conditions. Rhode Island winters often involve heavy snow and ice, creating perfect conditions for slipping. If a property owner does not take steps to remove the buildup, he may be liable for causing injury.
  • Dangerous pavement or ground conditions. Even in fair weather, a parking lot may be filled with exposed tree roots, patches of gravel, or other conditions that make slipping more likely.
  • Food or liquids. From standing water in puddles to melting ice cream cones, liquids are a major cause of slipping hazards both indoors and out.
  • Building code violations. Steep gradients, lack of handrails on stairways, and other safety hazards may be in direct violation of commercial building codes.
  • Defective parking lot design. People may be at risk of injury simply due to the way a parking lot is set up such as ineffective drainage that creates standing water.

We Can Help

As it can be difficult to determine if a property owner’s actions led to an injury, our attorneys examine the facts carefully to discover whether another person’s actions could be responsible for your suffering. Contact our offices today to schedule your no-obligation consultation with our legal advisors.


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