If you are hurt in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you may be contacted by the carrier’s insurance provider to discuss a settlement offer. While negotiating without an attorney places you at a significant disadvantage, there are many steps you can take leading up to the negotiation process to prepare you for the fight ahead.   Negotiating with insurance companies after a truck accident

Negotiating With Insurance Companies After a Truck Wreck

Insurance agents spend years learning how to underpay claims, while the average claimant has little or no experience with the insurance payment process. Insurers may request recorded statements, request access to unnecessary medical records, or attempt to get victims to share some of the blame for the crash—all of which can lead to a settlement that falls far short of what victims are owed. Your chances of a more favorable outcome increase if you:

Calculate your losses.

You should determine an amount that would fairly compensate you for your crash, including reimbursement for medical bills, income losses, and property damage. This allows you to see more clearly whether the trucking company’s insurer is making a fair offer on your claim.

Gather evidence.

Victims should never attempt to negotiate a truck wreck settlement before they have gathered all important evidence (including repair estimates, police reports, and witness statements).  

Wait it out.

Claimants are often pressured by insurance adjusters to accept a fast settlement, even if the amount is less than they deserve. If an offer is presented as a “take it or leave it,” you should contact an attorney immediately to negotiate on your behalf.

Drivers and passengers should only attempt to negotiate their own insurance settlements if their injuries are relatively minor. However, a truck wreck often leaves victims with severe or life-altering injuries, making the settlement negotiations much more complicated. 

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